Teenage rising star of Australian Speedway.


A brief synopsis of Connor's fledgling career, his amazing progress and family sacrifices, courtesy of his Dad, Scott.

"Connor was born in Perth Western Australia. A first generation racer, he began competing in MX from the age of six on a 50cc bike in the demo class and took to racing like a duck to water, advancing through to 85cc by the age of eight and winning Club Championships and Open Events around Western Australian.
"During 2012 he was racing at the annual 'Tumblegum' two-day ay MX Event, promoted by Willie Thompson.
"That year Willie built a Speedway Track and had a Speedway meeting on the Saturday Night. He brought in some of Australia's best Solo riders including Leigh Adams. (It was to be the last time Leigh rode a speedway bike, just weeks before his accident). During the round breaks the kids on 50's were allowed to ride on the track. Connor was absolutely taken by the Solo bikes the glitter, sound and the smell and seeing Leigh Adams ride.
"There was a display of junior bikes and he he sat on them all night. They invited him to a 'come and try' at Pinjar Park Speedway. One ride and he was hooked!
"We obtained a very old junior bike, circa 1973, so old it had points and ran on a total loss battery system, cut down steel Jawa frame and pogo forks. Connor went on to win two 'A' grade Junior Club titles, and displayed a natural talent.
"Whilst it worked well racing MX in winter and Speedway in the summer, Connor was starved of competition, with only six meetings a year, and wanted more.
"Unfortunately the distance factor of Perth to the Eastern States, where there are plenty of tracks and loads more racing was a major hurdle.
"Two years ago we decided to help him chase his dream. We walked away from our business, sold everything we had and up and moved 3000km across the country to Mildura, Victoria.
"Connor walked away from his school, his friends, Grandparents, aunties, uncles and siblings, as did we.
"We no longer have many worldly possessions but we managed to buy his three bikes, a trailer and a decent tow vehicle and are now dedicated to helping Connor develop his amazing talent.
"I now work as a truck driver and Sandy is a cleaner in a hotel, but we are keeping him going as best we can."

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