Rising star of UK Speedway; Elliot Kelly.


Wednesday, 14 Nov. '18
Elliot's new set of custom-painted Arai helmets handed over.

Elliot 'heads' into 2019 with four new Arai helmets, provided courtesy of website and design sponsors Phil and Sue Spence (spensites).
Each of the helmets, all custom-painted by Lee Fareham at D-ZIGN Custom Helmets in Team EKR colours and featuring the 'spensites' logo and Elliot's website url, have one of the four speedway gate position helmet colours integrated into the design.
Earlier this afternoon Elliot and Edward Sturman travelled from their base in Yarm to collect them from his sponsors at their holiday hotel in Robin Hood's Bay.
Having never met in person before both parties enjoyed a chat over a quiet drink before Elliot and his Grandad, who also received a new piece of sponsored headwear in the form of a 'spensites'/Elliot Kelly Racing baseball cap, headed home.


Monday, 12 Nov. '18
Elliot's former boss lends him a helping hand at Scunthorpe.

In the absence of regular mentor, driver and pitcrew, his Grandad Edward Sturman, who had work comitments, Elliot was grateful to former Redcar promoter and member of their Cubs side Kevin Keay (right) for taking him to Scunthorpe to Scunthorpe yesterday for the latest of his close season sessions.
Afterwards he posted on his Facebook page, "Fun day at Scunny in the amateur meeting. Started slow but improved every ride on a very hard track. Finished with five points. I was third in the final, but the choke came out on the last lap so the bike ran out of fuel.
"Big thanks to Kev Keay for taking me and mechanicing for me."
Remarking on Elliot's performance Kevin Keay said, "Elliot improved with every ride and was riding really well in the youth final and was on for a trophy until, entering the last lap, he ground to a halt."
Obviously commenting before he was aware Elliot had found the fault was down to the choke, he added, "How he used a full tank of fuel in three laps is a mystery to me and Elliot as we both checked it before he went on track - but he is using one of them dodgy GP tanks that only hold a thimble full !
"Anyway, I had an enjoyable day for the most part, even though Elliot covered me in chain oil twice!"


Monday, 5 Nov. '18
Report from yesterday's Dragons meeting at King's Lynn.

Team EKR's Edward Sturman (right) has pronounced Elliot's first competitive meeting around King's Lynn's Saddlebow Road track on 500cc-powered equipment a success.
"Our 'Dragons Club' meeting at King's Lynn yesterday proved to be a good day all round.
"Although we had some problems with the clutch we finally got there in the end and Elliot enjoyed some good races."
Elliot scored well in his five heats. Three second places, separated by a couple of heat victories in his second and fourth outings gave him a total of twelve points and he ended the day as runner-up.