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Sunday 28th October '07: Following a nasty incident in his semi-final of last nights meeting at Rye House, which resulted in a heavy collision between his head and the safety fence, Lewis was determined that he would compete in this afternoons end of season Brandonapolis handicap meeting at Coventry. Unfortunately, whilst challenging on the second lap of his first ride, Lewis catapulted over the top of his handlebars, again banging his head and being forced to withdraw from the meeting.
With his 2007 racing season now completed, Lewis has asked me to pass on his thanks, via this website, to everyone who has helped him this season. 'The contributions of all the sponsors has been an enormous help, and is very much appreciated. The fans have been brilliant everywhere'. Lewis said, 'Right now, I just think I need a bit of a break, maybe have a bit of a holiday, but we're already starting to get things together for next season, and it's looking good'.
Before leaving for home Lewis stayed to watch the rest of the meeting, which was won by Bees heat-leader, Rory Schlein, with thirteen points. Second was his fellow Aussie, Troy Batchelor, who finished on eleven points. On the way home to the south-east, Lewis and his mechanic intended to pay a visit to the Oxford versus Somerset challenge at Cowley this evening.
Asked about his possible plans for the close season, Lewis said that it wasn't in his current plans to visit Australia during the winter, but that he would be riding agin at the Brighton Bonanza in December. - Phil Spence.
Saturday 27th October '07: WELCOME - to the new look on-line home of Team LBR! With the end of the 2007 season looming, we thought it was time to update Lewis's website with a more professional lay-out in order to reflect his growing stature within the speedway world.
As is always the case at the end of each season, it is likely that changes will occur that make it difficult to keep certain elements of the site as up to date as one would wish. For example, until the BSPA decide on points limits for 2008 it is hard for clubs to begin their team building, which obviously makes it difficult for riders and sponsors to conclude deals for next season. This means that our Team Partners page will only be updated as agreements are finalised. It also means that our planned range of 2008 merchandise cannot be designed until Lewis at least knows where he will be riding.
Although I have incorporated a guest book button on the menu, you will notice that there is currently no guest book installed. Unfortunately, due to misuse in the past, I am still considering whether, or not, it would be detrimental to the site to include one.
For those who wish to review Lewis's exploits by visiting his old website, I have left that on-line in its entirety, at least for a reasonable period of time, and a link to it has been included at the top of the links page. - Phil Spence.
Wednesday 24th October '07: Island Speedway Championship: Following another excellent display in the four-team tournament, where Lewis scored half his Boston sides twenty-two point total, Lewis did even better last night, claiming individual glory on the Isle of Wight with a faultless maximum.
Lewis gave a truly outstanding display at the Smallbrook Stadium, racing in a farewell meeting to Chris Holder. Despite a gruelling racing schedule, Lewis continued to shine and was highest scorer in the qualification heats and overall winner of the Island Speedway Championships with an immaculate 18 point maximum.
His first race,Heat 4, saw Lewis pass Glen Phillips on lap 2 and go on to take the chequered flag. In Heat 6 Lewis passed and then led Sitera and Wortmann to the finish line, Chris Holder failing to start. With 2 Heat wins under his belt Lewis flew out and earned himself another win from the gate. His final race in the qualifiers was Heat 12 and Lewis has an easy win over Sitera, Lanham, and Stojanowski, getting his fastest time of the night 68.4.
In Semi Final 1 Lewis gave an awesome race, passing Kristiansen on the final bend of Lap 4 to take the 3 points and a place in the final. Still on a maximum, Lewis faced Sitera, Kristiansen, and Gathercole and he did not dissappoint. Lewis gave a fantastic race storming round to victory and becoming a worthy winner of the Island Speedway Championship! - Fantastic racing Lewis!
Lewis 3,3,3,3,3,3 = 18 - Steve Bridger.
Sunday 21st October '07: Eastbourne v Reading: As the season came to a close Eastbourne went out in style, Lewis contributing to the massive 58-35 victory. The team gave a fantastic performance against Reading even though they had Bomber Harris guesting for them. Lewis scored a 10 paid 11 from his 5 rides, 1,3,2*,3,1 = 10 +1.
Despite having a mixed season, in his last few meetings home and away he has given some excellent performances. Lewis has finished in great form and will no doubt continue building upon this during close season. - Steve Bridger.
Saturday 20th October '07: With Lewis currently displaying arguably the best form of his season, with scores of eleven at Kings Lynn, nine at Redcar, and ten, paid twelve, at Arena-Essex Lakeside last night, he will be wishing the season could carry on beyond the end of the month!
The recent addition to the Team of Malcolm Ballard has had a very positive effect, both with the equipment, and in terms of motivation. The team are now confident of establishing a solid and beneficial rapport within the pit crew and support team so that a better level of consistency can be maintained next season. Another factor to address the problems that we have encountered this season is also being addressed. This involves looking at the organisation of the off-track structure of Team LBR and, if necessary, taking steps to address any concerns. To this end it has been proposed that a meeting should take place during the close season of the personnel involved with a view to clarifying the specific roles and responsibilities of Team LBR members. This would allow each and everyone concerned to review exactly what the structure of the team is, what their own functions are, and ensure that they are familiar with the lines of communication. These steps would, we hope, help to ensure that everything knits together so that much of the pressure is taken off Lewis so that he can concentrate totally on his riding, confident that his equipment and career are being managed professionally and effectively.
In the meantime, Lewis will be saying his 2007 season farewells at Arlington tonight, when the Eagles bring down the curtain on this seasons campaign with the visit of the Reading Racers. Although this is not the last speedway followers will have to see Lewis in action this year as, following his visit to Mildenhall for their 'Big Bang 2' tomorrow afternoon, Lewis rides in the individual meeting on the Isle of Wight on Tuesday. - Phil Spence.
Wednesday 17th October '07: The Pride of the East individual meeting at Kings Lynn this evening marks the beginning of an hectic period for Lewis and his pit crew. Whilst the majority of speedway enthusiasts are starting to accept that the season is almost over, Lewis has six meetings in seven days!
Following tonights meeting the Team LBR contingent travel north to Redcar, where Lewis competes in the South Tees Silver Helmet tomorrow.
On Friday and Saturday it is back to Elite League action, as the Eagles round off their 2007 campaign with a visit to Lakeside, Arena-Essex, before entertaining the Reading Racers at Arlington.
On Sunday the crew journey to Mildenhall, where Lewis takes part in 'Big Bang 2'. This year the meeting is a four-team format, and Lewis will be riding for a Boston select side.
After a day off on Monday Lewis is back in individual competition on the Isle of Wight on Tuesday, where he lines-up in their Island Speedway Challenge meeting. - Steve Bridger.
Tuesday 16th October '07: Lewis Bridger Racing would like to give a big thank you to Laurance and friends for the generous sponsorship at Sunday's meeting at Arlington.
Laurance informs us that he and his friends are great fans of Lewis, and Lewis was more than happy to pose with his bikes for photo's after the meeting.
Good, dedicated fans can only help Lewis to achieve greater heights in his career! - THANK YOU ALL, From all at LBR. - Rose Edwards.
Monday 15th October '07: Sunday afternoons fixture saw Eastbourne beat Belle Vue 55-37 with Edward Kennett standing in for Nikki Pederson and r/r for the injured Davey Watt.
Lewis partnered Ed in Heat 1 which saw the Eagles grab a 5-1 over Simon Stead and James Wright. Brought in again in Heat 3 Lewis took r/r for Davey Watt and came in third behind team mate Roman Povazhny. Heat 6 saw Lewis out with Ed again and he came from the back to gain a valuable point.
In 8 Lewis' pit crew Malcolm Ballard and Jon Giffard had made some adjustments to the bike, Lewis gating and winning by a country mile. In his final ride, Heat 10, Ed and Lewis came in with another 5-1, Lewis finishing with a commendable 9, paid 12.
2*,1*,1,3,2* = 9 (paid 12) - Emma Jones.
Tuesday 9th October '07: Lewis was joint top scorer for the Eagles as they won the 3 team battle at Belle Vue. But it wasn't enough to close the 1 point gap advantage held by Swindon. The Aces were all but out of it, yet holding the home advantage. This time it didn't overwhelm Lewis whose previous trips to Manchester have been nightmares.
Malcolm Ballard is helping Lewis with his career development and set ups and judging by last nights performance it's already clicking into place. All his races were from the gate, he gated first twice and finished first. Heat 2 saw a terrific win over Ulamec Lyons and Povazny. Another win in Heat 13 leading Povazny, Screen and Skornicki. Two 2nds in heat 7 and 17, Lewis having a super race with Leigh Adams in 17. Well Done Lewis
Lewis score: 3,2,3,2 =10 - Emma Jones.
Sunday 7th October '07: Speedway Legend, Malcolm Ballard, made his debut as one of the LBR pit crew tonight. brought in by Lewis' Dad Steve after LBR had been suffering with bad set ups. After Lewis blew up his favourite engine at Kings Lynn on Wednesday night and the Eastbourne engine under performing after it came back from Denmark.
We had Neville Tatum rebuild us a new one for tonight, Malcolm Ballard was brought in to set this up, however this engine would not run, giving Lewis no option but to ride his third bike from Poland. We feared the worst as this was set for big tracks, however the expertise from Ballard and the unusually quick hands from Grandad led to a second in his first ride. Out again in Heat 9 with partner Roman Povazhny they took on the experienced Joe Screen and Adam Scornicki from Belle Vue. Lewis scorching out the gate and winning by a country mile.
In Heat 13 Tomasz Chrzanowski, maximum man and easily the rider of the night, partnered Mark Lemon against Lewis and Roman. Lewis flying past the Pole in the third lap and started to leave him for dead. But at bend 1 lap 4 Lewis shed his chain guard and nearly lost control of his bike, allowing Tomasz to pass the youngster. Lewis' last ride of the night came in heat 16 against the in-form Charlie Gjedde and Jason King. Lewis and Roman gating first and team riding for 3 laps until Gjedde managed to split them by riding Lewis very hard indeed. This led to another point for Lewis though he deserved more.
Second highest scorer on the night and on a bike that was set up for big tracks! Lets hope this new partnership continues with equal success.
Team LBR would like to thank Malcolm Ballard for his expert advice and assistance..the man is truly a legend. - Steve Bridger.
Saturday 6th October '07: As webmaster, I would like to apologise for the fact that, due to on-going re-location of my spensites operation, I have recently been unable to update this site as frequently as I would wish. Thankfully I have now been able to include a summary of recent events, which you can read below.
Unfortunately, due to a short family vacation, there will be another brief lapse between updates, the next of which will not be on-line until at least Sunday, 14th October, at the earliest. I apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Lewis made his first appearance in the Junior World Team Cup Final recently, scoring eleven points in support of top scorer Edward Kennett (14), which helped the team to a deserved silver medal with a total of thirty-six, four points behind winners Poland, on forty. Lewis's total making him joint second highest scorer in the event.
On his return to Eastbourne Lewis was unfortunately suffering from illness, but gamely completed all of his scheduled rides in the Eagles victory over the Poole Pirates, scoring two points.
On Wednesday Lewis rode in a challenge match at Kings Lynn. The event marked the return to the track, after an absence of almost a quarter of a century, of the LEICESTER LIONS. Lewis was, according to my reports of an eye witness, easily the most entertaining rider on show, and although not the highest scorer of the meeting fully deserved his nine, paid ten, from four rides. Dropping only one point to an opponent in a very entertaining 46-44 defeat for the Lions at the hands of the Kings Lynn Stars.
On Thursday, in the Craven Shield round at Swindon, Lewis scored five, paid six, from his four rides in a solid team effort which saw the Eagles finish a strong second, nine points behind the host side, with the Aces a further eighteen points behind. First round totals being: Swindon 48, Eastbourne 39, Belle Vue 21.
The second round takes place at Arlington this evening, and the round is completed at Belle Vue on Monday.
Lewis and the rest of the Team LBR would like to thank Eagles legend Dave Norris for his help and expertise during his spell as part of the crew. Dave has decided than he can no longer afford to spend so much time away from his property development business and has, therefore, relinquished his role as Lewis's mechanic. We wish Dave all the best with his new venture and, along with all other Eagles fans, eagerly await news of whether he will continue his riding career next season. Team LBR will be making an announcement regarding the structure of the Team for the 2008 season in due course. - Phil Spence.